How an Empty Chair Inspired Sting's Song for 'Jim: The James Foley Story' | Close Up With THR


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“It was Thanksgiving and I thought what it would be like to lose a member of my family, or to have a member of my family in captivity, or to be in captivity, I thought “What could unify us?”‘

Sting (‘Jim: The James Foley Story’) is joined by 5 fellow songwriters for The Hollywood Reporter’s Songwriter 2017 Oscars Roundtable including Justin Timberlake (‘Trolls’), Pharrell Williams (‘Hidden Figures’), Tori Amos (‘Audie & Daisy’), Alicia Keys (‘Queen of Katwe’), and John Legend (‘La La Land’).

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  1. Sting. He won't play with former Police members out of spite, but "The Man" wants a propaganda song to promote endless war and support the 9/11 perpetrators and he's first in line. "Good Boy, Sling!" Thank you, The Man, Sir. Anything for you old chap. "Please remove Sling from my office." Good day, Sir… was nice to……..

  2. I'm gonna be honest, that song nearly brought me to tears. I never saw Jim: The James Foley Story, but I know it's on HBO on Demand and if I watch it and hear that Empty Chair song at the end, I'll be a blubbering mess.

  3. Dear Sting, I do hope this comment reaches You. You have no idea just how much that soundrack infuences us. If my heart could speak alone without my brain or other organs, it would speak primarily in form of your song. It would scream "That's not the shape of my heart!" The song marked my life. Hope to see you one day in concert! It was the higer power that made me gave in the Zagreb ticket in 2012. Your fellow in English literature teaching. Ivana


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