Terri, Robert & Bindi Irwin Talk Animal Planet's "Crikey! It's The Irwins"


Lace up your boots because you’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with the family that’s bringing khaki back! The Irwins – Terri, Bindi and Robert – return to Animal Planet in a new series, “Crikey! It’s The Irwins,” that gives audiences an all-access, front row seat to experience the sights and sounds of their thrilling wildlife adventures around the globe and the amazing animals that continue to inspire their conservation efforts. From running Australia’s largest family-owned zoo, Australia Zoo in Queensland, to crisscrossing the world protecting and celebrating the most wondrous animals on the planet, The Irwins work thoughtfully and tirelessly to carry on Steve’s mission to bring people closer to animals and ignite the connection that will ensure an abundance of wildlife for generations to come.



  1. I love their humor! Badsses…each and every one. If even an eighth of the people on this planet had a third of their passion for protecting this planet, our earth would be saved.

  2. Terri is a vastly overlooked female icon. I look up to that woman so so so much. I want to be like her one day. What a strong, independent, intelligent woman and a fantastic mother. She is the rock of the Irwins. Much love to this family, thank you for being the voice of those who cannot speak. I loved watching Steve when I was a little girl…he gave me my love and understanding for all animals. I remember the day he died, I criiiied and cried. I went to school and I was not alone, so many children had their hearts broken that day.

  3. Dearest Irwin Family and Friends, I really enjoyed this production and I completely agree with the message of being good stewards for the Earth. I am so inspired, encouraged, and willing to continue my part, here. Thank you for carrying on this extra special love that makes all the difference. We are all in the same big boat, together. So let us ALL choose to work together not to sink, but to graciously float. Many blessings to you, and much love!!! ❤️😄🙏🌎🙏😄❤️ 🐾

  4. The Iriwins make me want to be a better person. Always being passionate about things that I love and I'm so grateful that we have a show like theirs that bring all people together at a time when the world is so divisive right now.

    But I have to say that girl on her phone at 36:00 is so rude.

  5. TerrI… I absolutely agree 100%.. before and around 26:00 on.. so greatly said!!! WOW.. It would be amazing to meet you all! I loved Steve.. I remember having to watch animal planet and he was one of the reasons why. I always loved animals myself. From the time I could walk.. I had everything in my pockets.. I remember always looking for salamanders, tadpoles, frogs, catepillars (sp).. I loved tiny little tree frogs.. they were so absolutely amazing! I love dogs and always try to have one, two or three.. if I could rescue more I would and will. Animals fascinate me. I have a much love and respect for them… much easier to love then people many times, it is an amazing  to have a bond  with an animal. I have always rescused them though.. I never bought from a breeder ever.  it was mine dream from a young, young child to be with animals in some way.. make their life better and keep them from harms way.. Why I ever ate animals.. I do not know.. But at 45 that all changed.. I went Vegan.. also another important message. I absolutely love your family.. your kids are so precious and kind and genuine. What a fantastic job you have done. Steve must be in his GLORY OVER YOU ALL. CRIKEY!!! WOW.. Bindi and Robert are amazing and have amazing knowledge.. Terri.. I want to hug EVERY ANIMAL POSSIBLE.. I ALWAYS HAVE.

  6. Y'all are amazing I love the Irwin family !!!!! I loved watching ur dad on his adventures he was an incredible awesome man he was great with wildlife amazing man I will remember him forever 💖


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