In ‘Unorganized Baseball’ Games, Kids Play By Their Own Rules | TODAY


In this week’s Sunday Closer, NBC’s Harry Smith meets a group of young baseball players who are setting their own rules on the field – and parents are told not to get involved. On Tuesday nights in this Oklahoma town, the kids play in a league of their own.
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In ‘Unorganized Baseball’ Games, Kids Play By Their Own Rules | TODAY



  1. When I was growing up, each neighborhood had its game. It started Friday after school and continued until sundown, Sunday evening. You'd show up. Sometimes, there were 30-40 guys show up. Saturday, the game might slow down because guys had to go to town with their parents. Sunday morning was a little slim because some guys went to Sunday School. All during the weekend, sometimes the game might get down to three or four guys. In that case, you either played pepper or hit flies. Two guys, hit flies. One guy, you'd hit flies to yourself until more guys showed up. Throw the ball up, take a straight-up swing. As the ball took off, you grabbed your glove and chased it. Sometimes, you got so good you could hit the ball nearly straight up. Because of this, guys learned the characteristics of a ball in flight. As I progressed into organized baseball, I was a catcher. I never dropped a foul ball because I hit flies to myself. Kind of sad that the game no longer exists in most of the U.S.

  2. This ain't news. Everybody has been doing for a really long time. I'll play with my friends all day every day I'm not playing an actual game just in the yard for years. plus, with lots of land you can have whatever sized field you want as you get bigger.

  3. I think it's great kids want to organize their own games. However, children look to adults for structure and discipline. We as parents and elders are to provide that structure. There is nothing wrong with organized baseball. With that being said parents shouldn't yell at the kids while they are playing. Whether their own kids or others. The coach is in charge when you turn your kids over to him for practice or a game. If parents have a problem with the coach, they need to address it with the coach. Btw in private meeting.

  4. I hate you because you can't just go around other people's channels and say swear words because there are children also reading the comments comment on videos so stop saying swear words for other people it's just rude rude

  5. Kids are to sensitive I'm not gonna say how old I am but Im young. My dad tells me that he yells because he cares and if anyone doesn't push me I wouldn't have the work ethic and future that I have and might have. A parent cant always be going "Oh Billy you did so good I'm so proud of you." When the did awful and struck out. I'm not saying that you have to tell and my dad doesn't most of the time. He just doesn't tell me a whole bunch bull crap, he tells me I didnt do good and I need to work on things. And slowly that has taught me to be honest with myself and work hard. This is how all parents and kids should be if they want to start taking baseball more serious and try to have a future in the game whether that means going pro or going to college. Or more realisticly playing varsity high school ball.


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