Newspaper headlines: Trump ‘axed Iran deal to spite Obama’ and whistleblowers ‘to sue Labour’


Image caption The Mail On Sunday digs further into a cache of leaked diplomatic cables from the ex-UK ambassador in the US, Sir Kim Darroch. The paper says the memos show Sir Kim claimed that US President Donald Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal to spite his predecessor Barack Obama in an act of “diplomatic vandalism”. Police investigating the source of the leak had earlier advised editors that publishing the emails could be a criminal offence.
Image caption The Sunday Times also focuses on the ‘leaked’ emails. The paper reports that Brexit Party chairman and MEP Richard Tice has been “embroiled” in the controversy after it emerged that Mr Tice is in a relationship with the journalist who broke the story last week – Isabel Oakeshott. Mr Tice and Ms Oakeshott have denied they had played any role in the leak or handling of the leaked documents.
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph focuses on a backlash over the alleged leak. Senior lawyers have told the paper it appeared the senior officer who warned the press over publishing further details had set out to “protect the government from embarrassment”. “The paper says PM Theresa May and “senior officials” have come “under fire” after ministers criticised Scotland Yard’s warning.
Image caption The Observer says whistleblowers who criticised Labour’s handling of allegations of anti-Semitism are to sue the party over its response to a BBC Panorama programme titled Is Labour Anti-Semitic?
Image caption “Farage plan to wipe out Labour” is the headline on the Sunday Express. The paper says the Brexit Party plans to target Labour voters after Jeremy Corbyn called on the next Tory leader to hold another referendum on EU membership. A poll for the paper suggested two-in-five voters were less likely to support Labour after the change in stance.
Image caption “Keep Boris lover out of No 10” is the Sunday People’s headline. The paper says aides of Tory leadership contender Boris Johnson have begun to plot against his girlfriend Carrie Symonds. Meanwhile, the paper is one of many to picture the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex together at the Wimbledon women’s final on Saturday, as Simona Halep beat Serena Williams to become the champion.
Image caption And, away from politics, the Daily Star Sunday says the dad of Love Island star Chris Pritchard has defended his son after online critics called him a “snake” for dumping one contestant before “romancing” two others.

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