Most Intense Human Chain Ever Rescues Dog Stranded in Canal | The Dodo


These total strangers in Almaty, Kazakhstan, rally together and form a human chain to rescue a stranded dog.

Footage provided by ViralHog: (

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  1. Notice the gender of the people who chose to help and those who chose to stay behind the fence to watch. It is all men. At one point a woman calls out that they are short one person. If only one more person would step up to help. Any one of those four women who have been there from the start? Nope, they let their boyfriends struggle on until yet another man runs past them, and climbs over to help without hesitation.
    Female entitlement. Yet they claim women are oppressed and not having enough rights.

  2. I have no idea why death traps like this are built? People digging big holes and leavings them uncovered? Wells that are opened?? Etc. Help Save Wildlife and the people that fall to a Horrid Death unless helped!!

  3. it take one person to spot someone in need of a helping hand. In the end thanks to first person and the people who worked together to form the chain the dog lives to see another day.

    To the rescuers who put their own lives in danger you guys and gals are freaking heroes!


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