Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic


When a roadrunner spots a diamondback snake, it goes in for the kill.
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Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

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  1. The high cut rate/extreme close-up style of videography on display here has me suspecting nothing the video implied actually happened between the Rattler and the Runner in fact.

  2. WAKE UP FOLKS, SERIOUSLY! Stop putting your faith in these men, who act like GODS.

    0:14 how in the HECK can you make such an absolute statement!! How do you know that for sure??? You DO NOT! So tired of this religion of science……You would never let me get away with "I KNOW God Exists" and i agree with you never letting me get away with such an ignorant statement………………….so how about all you followers of scientisim put your pope, pastors, priests up to the fire with their claims, ask them if they have followed their own scientific method in last 2 decades?? WHEN YOU CLEARLY SEE THEY HAVE NOT, tell your leaders to Stop making absolute statements… put up an argument vs science now being in ABSOLUTE terms a religion….get the religion out of science, and get back a non-religious science.

    How in the world could you scientifically conclude with absolute certainty that a rattle snake grabs airborne particles with its tongue, then places them on roof of the mouth, after which they are put through the data analyzer which then spits out exactly where, exactly what food is around them???? NONSENSE! How, i ask, HOW do you know this?? Show me the method you used to conclude, absolutely that this happens? This is reality?

    WAKE UP FOLKS, SERIOUSLY! Stop putting your faith in these men, who act like GODS.


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