What's the World's Most Littered Plastic Item? Cigarette Butts | National Geographic


Cigarette filters are the “last acceptable form of littering,” but there are solutions that can help our health and planet.
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Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When tossed into the environment, they dump not only plastic, but also the nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals they’ve absorbed into waterways, and eventually oceans. But, there are solutions that can help our health and our planet.

Read more in “Cigarette butts are toxic plastic pollution. Should they be banned?”

What’s the World’s Most Littered Plastic Item? Cigarette Butts | National Geographic

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  1. Everytime i am in nature for trekking eg, i have a garbage bag with me for picking up other peoples waste. I think it is the best way to make people thinking of their environment and their own behavior.

  2. I don't see a lot of people rallying for the ban of manufacturing and sale of cigarettes from huge tobacco corporate entities that know that they sell the most addictive, deadly objects on the planet. Kind of ironic that people will immediately blame the individual person over some stupid grudge versus identifying the root of the problem. People are not going to stop smoking, people are not going to stop littering. Guilt tripping people who smoke will literally make them smoke more with less remorse lmao…

  3. #1. Smoking is disgusting. I don't understand the thought process that leads anyone to sucking any kind of gas/vapor bi-product of a combustion reaction into their lungs. I can't believe anyone still smokes cigarettes in friggin 2019.

    #2. Humans are not responsible enough, nor do they give a rat's ***, to put the remnants of their filthy habit in the trash can. Pay attention to how many cigarette butts are piled up along the curb, on streets and in parking lots. Start watching for smokers with their windows down, and count how many cigarette butts you see getting thrown out the window of cars, each time you drive your car anywhere. If it's something you never noticed before, once you begin seeing it, you'll be shocked at the number you'll witness on just one drive, in just one tiny part of the planet, during just the minutes you were in your vehicle. Now imagine that happening every minute of every day, all over the f'n place.

    #3. NO, smokers, cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable, as so many of these idiots have replied to me when I ask, sarcastically, if their car didn't come with an ash tray.

    #4. In summary, thank you smokers for sharing your garbage with the rest of the general public. We so appreciate seeing your butts lining the streets, and parking lots of our communities, floating in our lakes, and lighting the landscape on fire. What wonderful folks.

  4. I quit smoking in April of this year and i can feel the changes inside me, i think I'm much more healthier than my smoking days.
    But still my friend's forcing me to smoke but i refuse every time this build a self control inside me.
    And yeah i feel good.
    Smoking us bad habit.
    Quit it as early as possible

  5. I smoke, and I never thought that butts were acceptable litter. I make a point to either not smoke in certain areas or dispose of my cigarette butts properly. People who litter are just f*ing lazy (and rude of course).

  6. how about making smoking cigarette socially unacceptable… I mean u can already see it since in Universities less and less people smoke cigarette… but Marijuana should be ok >.<

  7. Okay slow down I personally have NEVER seen a vape cartridge just laying around the side of the road compared to cigarettes that I see EVERY WHERE on the ground. One point of vaping is that its cheaper because the cartridges can last months instead of a one use design like cigarettes. To sum it up it would be like seeing 1 vape pod/cartridge next to about 400 cigarettes for a pack a day smoker. The vaping part of the video was a little unnecessary

  8. I tried to write this subject into a paper on lung cancer in the 90s. My non-smoking pro-environment professor wouldn’t let me include it. Too controversial- it might upset people I think was his problem.

  9. Some will probably disagree with me, but the best real solution is to completely outlaw smoking in all facets of public life. It's really not that hard.

    After nearly 30 years of smoking, I quit four years ago by deciding "I'm going to finish the three packs I have, and then I'm done". It will be harder for others, I know. But it's still a better solution that skirting around the issue by trying to perform a cleanup operation. Eliminate the cause of the problem first.

  10. I'm part of my schools JROTC program and as part of the community service team I clean up around the school and let me tell you there are way too many vaping cartridges in the student parking lot.


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