Tut's Treasures | National Geographic


The man who uncovered the greatest find of the century suffered a strange fate amidst unlikely events.
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Tut’s Treasures | National Geographic

National Geographic



  1. You can call me stupid for it I don't care. Was just trying to say I did read your comment & I felt not only was it upsetting they cut up tut to get to treasure but it was worse to cut off his penis & i wondered if it was the same person cause why would anyone want to be known for that? You can be angry all you want for it & I am sorry you are when I didn't mean for that. It is what it is. If it's a throw away comment fine there are alot worse things in the world then a throw away comment.

  2. I admit I don't know how to upload, I don't know much about computers & there are about 4 websites I visit & thats about it because I don't know many websites either. It can be a throw away comment thats fine cause if it offends anyone which I didn't mean to do then I would rather it be a throw away comment. I am still figuring out youtube & to be honest when I read your comment until you responded I didn't even notice the date of your post. Because I was more impressed with your comment.

  3. probably the same dumb ass who cut him up trying to get the body away from the coffin to get to the treasure underneath him. Maybe he accidentally cut the penis off hid it so no one would find out and blame him. I really hope someone didn't just steal his penis cause then I think they realy need help.

  4. The white north african berber is not indiginous to africa,
    But they have been longer around than most people think at some point in history they migrated out of europe and IN northern africa Always north of the sahara. the ancient egyptians depicted them as white libyans and they were linked to europeans via DNA studies.

  5. Tutankhamun is only famous because 1: his tomb was found completely intact and 2: king Menes (I think) changed something so priests had lots of power and they only could worship 1 yes one god, "King Tut" changed the laws back so people may worship as they please.

  6. @chitownzfinesthustla
    The whole Africa is not black, only the center and south of Africa, more to north are people whiter, this is the results of the sun and her's power of the radiation !
    The north Africans are not black for me, So let your stupid drivel !

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    Moron, black is not black ! or you're color blind and you can't differ between black and brown ?? you know what is Etnologie ? anthropology that compares and analyzes the origins, distribution, technology, religion, language, and social structure of the ethnic, racial, and/or national divisions of humanity. Compare black people with the ancients Egyptians and then, have you finally the end result


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