High School Geography Test – 90% FAIL!


Can You Pass this Basic High School Geography Test that 90% of adults FAILED? Find out now in under 5 minutes!

This geography test was taken from a local high school and we chose 7 questions to take from it. Next, we gave the 7 questions to a group of adults and a group of high schoolers. Shockingly, only ~10% of the adults were able to pass this exam while 87% of the high schoolers who took it were able to pass! For further information, comment below or PM me!

Fact of the Day! – A tiger’s legs are so powerful that it will remain standing even after death!

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  1. Why are people being so picky on here. His intro says it's a BASIC high school geog test and all the questions are touched on at that level. Region or country? who cares. You all knew the answer he was looking for, or maybe some of you didn't but it wasn't rocket science. (Which was touched on in both Chemistry and Physics lessons when I was at high school.

  2. Geography – Locations of various states with in the borders of America.
    International geography is not taught in High School.
    If you can not find a state within our borders, why should a person care about the planet.
    You qualify as a Complete and Total Idiot.


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