One Strange Rock – Trailer | National Geographic


Darren Aronofsky, Will Smith, and experienced astronauts join forces to tell the extraordinary story of why life as we know it exists on Earth.
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One Strange Rock – Trailer | National Geographic

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  1. Скажите мне, как у этой гигантской работы еще нет миллиона просмотров? Ученые, астронавты, организаторы, художники, сценаристы, операторы, монтировщики и многие другие в лице канала, огромное всем спасибо! Сколько стран то объездили, сколько людей интересных встретили! Необычайно информативно о прекрасных местах на земле, о самой планете, о человеке, о жизни! Подача невероятная! Завораживает! Показывает насколько некоторые люди интересно то живут, мне есть к чему стремиться! Коллосально! Меня впечатлило!

  2. Beautiful, wonderful show!! Probably the best I've ever seen… It really moved me and made me appreciate this amazing world we live in. It's a miracle we are here, and we should be grateful for every second we can walk on our strange rock.

  3. Wow, Will Smith doesn't believe in God and gets paid for saying that this perfect world we're living in and the universe were all just made by a big coincidence. Sad world..but hey, everyone's going to die and that day will be shocking for those who thought all of this was just a big coincidence🤦‍♂️

  4. I really liked how simple they explained so many complex things. Will did a terrific job too, is perfect for people that might not have a good level on science but still want to enjoy and learn through documentaries.

  5. Started too watch this series but had to stop due to Will Smith`s slow dullard sounding narration , he sounds like the class thicky being made to read aloud from a big print book whilst struggling to pronounce the big words. Da …. … …arn.. da..

  6. Will.smith is funded to brain wash kids. hes the new bill nye. garbage cgi tv show. here we have a " comedian" talking about what happened millions of years ago like he knows exacly. bunch of propaganda bs . right under everyones nose

  7. It takes an insurmountable amount of faith to believe this. People will invent anything to try to explain where we came from. So, I came from a rock? And all my organs and my thoughts and all the complexity in this university came from chance? This is almost impossible to believe.

  8. Hay if the earth is magnetic that reflects most of the sun's harmful rays. So have they considered making the space shuttles magnetic to protecting themselves, this could lead to creating an atmosphere with gravity and solve the problem of bone regeneration. I also think the earth is very resilient and will again be good, could me try living underground in tunnels and evolve into moles, ha ha

  9. I'm on the second episode now on Netflix, and I can't help but notice how often they bring up the balance that keeps everything in place to allow us to live here. From the way the oxygen gets recycled from shells of ancient algae fossils feeding the Amazon rainforest, to the fact our planet is positioned exactly in the right spot in our solar system to sustain life, it makes me think that God is there. There is no way all of this came about by coincidence. It's also quite moving.


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