The Best Mermaid Evidence of 2013 | Mermaids


Let’s look back on what 2013 has been when it comes to our sea-borne brethren. | For more Mermaids, visit

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  1. dude is it just me or did anyone notice the video that animal plant posted about mermaids is gone. it literally had the most prove ever. did the government make them take it down? like why is no one talking about this i cant find it online it was like a 2hr video on youtube

  2. There many marine cretures we dont know so why cant mermaids be true .i belive that their somewhere hiding and dont want distubance and one day they will be seenπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–

  3. You Never know. Could be ancient human or and alien mutations from ancient atlantis or perhaps aliens or mutations from Dogon people from SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM B. Im pretty open minded and believe 100 percent in aliens, mutations, and unknown life forms. I also believe that big foot may exist too from ancient alien mutations. The different religions and myths point to gaints and aliens and mutations especially in the greek mythology aspect of history. I could be wrong but I have a strong sense of truths in some of these myths! We must learn more and become more ready for alien contact and connection with earth and God. We must know who to trust. Perhaps trust none of the aliens and be prepared to advance as a one loving community perhaps with or without the guidance of aliens.

  4. In my time in the military I had to go swimming quite often off the coast of Africa California and several other places up in the Baltic and we always stayed underwater for the whole time with rebreathers and we usually wear swimming around 2 a.m. local time and I absolutely positively know for a fact mermaids are real not at all like you would think they're not sexy I wouldn't classify them as human I doubt we share any genetic traits but about four and a half feet long a human esk rib cage shoulders arms with middle joint like an elbow five things you could call fingers greenish dark skin with darker blotches no hair black eyes I'm assuming I might have been a different color but it's dark spines along its spine and I'm not the only person to see that he's not by a long shot off of Hawaii off the coast of Japan a lot of them off the coast of Australia sorry I meant Africa they don't look anything like something you'd want to kiss or do anything else with one of the several times I saw something like that it looks like it could have had a spear or a stick of some kind and other people that have experienced the same thing doing the same thing that I was doing said they saw Spears the world's a big place I would say they look about as humanoid as a gorilla looks humanoid and that it has facial features of skull and neck rib cage shoulders and elbow joint and 5 digits on its limbs sorry about any misspellings punctuation or words that seemed out of context I lost my hand at the wrist overseas so I just dictate those things and I don't edit them

  5. Mermaids are real. According to our elders in IGOROT TRIBE, Our Elders can only see mermaids because they been washing their clothes on the riverside. I told my Grandmother and she said "Only grandmothers can only see a mermaid". According to our teacher's story, she said "Yes, Mermaids are real. Why dont you asked to your grandmothers. Mermaids can attract man after snatching the man.


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